Softwares work differently in different machines. This condition can be a blocker because sometimes when developers add a new code and test it on their machine, it worked, then they add it to the team’s repository. When another team member pulls the new code, the code might give a different behavior, it might even give a different behavior when deployed.

That’s when Docker is helpful. Docker is a tool designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers. The containers contain the environment, with all the parts an application needed, like libraries, dependencies, etc. …

When writing code, especially in a group project, functionality is not the only important thing, we have to make sure also that our team and future us can understand the code that we’re writing.

clean code = less ‘WTFs’

First, what is clean code?

Clean code is actually a very subjective term, it depends on a lot of things; what language and framework that we use, our internal team’s covenant, etc., however, the main goal of clean code is to make our code

✨easy to read, understand and change✨

What does “easy-to-read” code mean? It means our code has to be understandable at every level of our code:

  • the execution flow…

Like its name, test-driven development is a software development framework that enforces its practitioners to write the test first, before the implementation. In another word, in this framework, the developers have to create a certain parameter of a program, manifested in unit tests, before they create the implementation.

This framework emerges in the late preceding millennia, developed by Kent Beck, as a part of Extreme Programming. The early form of this framework was manifested as below:

  • Write a test for the next bit of functionality you want to add.
  • Write the functional code until the test passes.
  • Refactor both new…

Normally, digital products are in a new, fast-moving market that changes frequently. That being said, the development process of digital products needs an approach that is flexible.


What is Agile?

Agile is “the art of iterative and incremental software development”. It is a type of project management process, where problems and solutions are evolving through the development process. It consists of a collection of principles that provide adaptability and flexibility.

Agile concept emerged around the end of the 90s to the beginning of the new millennium. In the 1990s, with the increasing of software needs, the industries realized that they couldn’t move fast…

No one codes alone, we need to be involved in a team to build something great. We have tools like Google docs to write collaboratively, how about code? Do we have something to ease us to code collaboratively?

Introducing, Git.

By definition, Git is a

“free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.” —

What is exactly a version control?

Version control is the practice of managing and tracking changes to the software code. Version control keeps track of every modification to the code in…

A product is useless without its user, it will be just another useless running software.

Before jump into the coding-phase of a digital product, we need to make sure first that the product we develop is well-defined; the features, the design, the plan, and most importantly, for which segment of users are we building this product. The first step to define that is to create a Persona.

In the late 1990s, researchers in IT system development had begun reflecting on how we could best communicate and understand the users. Many concepts emerged in that time period, such as user archetypes…

the unfamiliarity of a feeling haunts her. never been the type of girl that thinks much of it, she feels strange and not herself. the thought of adoring someone and being comfortable turned on her fight or flight response system, she tried to run. her first attempt to run was to deceive herself, “it’s only the feeling i get from talking to someone older, wiser, and more rational, nothing special about it”.

3 months pass, her diary even more fulfilled of it, the small things about it. the more she tries to run, the more it chases her. she feels…

This article is written for SICOMAS publication. SICOMAS stands for SISTEM Competition Material Supplies where you can find competition proposals and materials from those who already experienced in the corresponding fields. Clouddian shared five of his business case competition proposals, which you can find here:

His name is Clouddian Fazalmuttaqin, an Information System undergraduate student batch 2017. Two months ago, he just got elected as Fasilkom’s Most Outstanding Student, which is predictable because he’s one of Fasilkom students who is very well-rounded; active in organizations, got high grades and actively upgrading his knowledge through joining vary competitions and won…

This writing is intended to pay the debt of my negative thoughts.


“Change the way you think and write about yourself, if you already wrote and thought negatively, immediately write and think positive” — The Power of Your Subconcious Mind by Joseph Murphy

These days, the feeling of insecurities and incapabilities haunt me more viciously than ever. I know very well that this kind of feeling is very harmful to me, physically or mentally, but I can’t help it. It’s been two weeks. I tried to write, read, watch, did what I should do, but it just won't go away…

this is an impromptu writing, came out raw from my soul. No grammar checking no thinking only feelings, please bear.

Thank you to my first best friend who was born on November 9th. Thank you for our shared laughs and gossips, you are super loyal and kind and funny and loveable. I remember when we were still in primary school we liked to finish each other’s sentences and even communicating without having to talk, that made me feel warm. Hope you’re doing well now, I miss you, I miss us.

I’m super grateful for my first love, the one who’s…


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