Unsaid Thank You’s to My Firsts

this is an impromptu writing, came out raw from my soul. No grammar checking no thinking only feelings, please bear.

Thank you to my first best friend who was born on November 9th. Thank you for our shared laughs and gossips, you are super loyal and kind and funny and loveable. I remember when we were still in primary school we liked to finish each other’s sentences and even communicating without having to talk, that made me feel warm. Hope you’re doing well now, I miss you, I miss us.

I’m super grateful for my first love, the one who’s very kind, nourishing, supportive, and all things like that. Thank you for showing me the standard on how I should be treated, thank you for setting the bars to the point of I know what I want and I know what I don’t want in my partner.

You are very much being misunderstood, be it by your own friends or teachers and sometimes you believe them, it hurts me when you do. I admire your bravery. Remember that time when you stood up for yourself and your friends to our teacher who liked to cherry-pick students who excel in class and you ended up being punished then when I got home I kind of lectured you via text on ‘sometimes we only have to sit still and accept what’s being done to us’? I didn’t mean it, really. Go stand up for you and your closest ones!

Sometimes, the words of your old-fashioned highschool teacher really got into you to the point that you like to talk low on yourself, I hated it when you did that and I’m super grateful that I did express it to you that I hated it. That one time when you really stubborn on saying that you’re worthless, I want to scream out that the quality of someone is not determined by one’s ability to do maths, your teacher was wrong. Shame to those who think otherwise.

I see very much of a potential of you, you are very passionate in doing something that you like and I admire that, I really admire that. Now that we’re almost 20, I see that you already know what you want to do in the future and I see that you’re doing well. Show them that math and academic accomplishment is not the parameter in determine someone’s success.

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